Monday, May 6, 2013

A new sibling for you...

Today I found out that I am pregnant again. I don't know how to feel about that really. I miss you so much every day. I love you so much. I am happy that we have a second chance to bring a baby into this world, but   at the same time, so scared to go through this again. No one will ever replace you Joy. No one. You are my first beautiful baby. I want you to know that. I hope that you do. I hope that you are watching over your daddy and I now because we need you with us. We are both so scared. We want to be good parents, we wanted to be good parents for you. You are still with us everyday. We think of you every second. We miss you so much.  I'm so afraid baby. I'm so afraid and so sad missing you still. The next nine months will be very hard. I hope that you can help us through it. I need you to know that you are not being replaced. No one could ever replace you. You are so beautiful and precious. I can see you now without even closing my eyes or looking at your picture. You look just like your mommy. You are so beautiful. I love you Joy Marie. I just wanted you to know.

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